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Picking the wrong employee after a long interview process ultimately results in wasted time and lost money for a business. There are constantly new ideas emerging about how to best conduct interviews, many of which will be able to give you a much better idea of how a candidate will perform in the role.

Consider graduates:
Hiring recent university graduates is a great way to bring fresh ideas and energy to your business. Having learnt the newest technical skills and the best ways to implement them, graduates are eager to gain experience, giving you the potential to shape their work habits to suit your company. Demonstrating how experience with your organisation will look great on their future CV can also help appeal to graduates with more long term goals.

Re-frame interview questions:
Most interview candidates will have rehearsed their answers to traditional job interview questions, making it hard to get an accurate reading of their abilities. Try using;

Get a second opinion:
Inviting other staff members to sit in on interviews, either as silent observers or active interviewers can give you a second opinion. This also helps to more accurately read a candidate as other people will focus on different qualities or skills that could be valuable to the company’s inner workings.

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